Mission Statement

    The Mission of the George Rogers Clark Heritage Association is to educate its members and the public about the history of the area of the Northwest Territory between the years 1700-1850, emphasizing the Ohio Country and the life of George Rogers Clark. 


    The George Rogers Clark Heritage Association was an outgrowth of Project 80, which in conjunction with the American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, organized the 1980 reenactment of the Battle of Peckuwe.  At the time, a triangular fort and blockhouse, modeled after the larger one in the Shawnee village of Peckuwe, were built in George Rogers Clark Park. 

    After the Bicentennial activities, the association began to focus on the civilian side of  the Federal period with the vehicle of choice being a trade fair, named The Fair at New Boston.

    In recent years the George Rogers Clark Heritage Association has expanded its activities to include spring and fall events, classes on period character building, educational talks, period dancing, and period dinners. 

    The association works with the Clark County Park District on developing and promoting George Rogers Clark Park.